31 Jan

T. McMillan Feb 2014 Update: NYC, Philly and More

11 Dec

A crazy year: Tracie McMillan’s 2013 update

13 Sep

What does Apple’s Foxconn have in common with U.S. Farms? My latest piece — and other recent work.

04 Jul

2 quick pieces: Food and Class/Horrid Hamburgers

27 Jun

Check it out (and RT!): Check out “Food’s Class Warfare,” my latest for @Slate and @FutureTense ow.ly/bRK3Q

09 May

Join Tracie McMillan @ Brooklyn Food Conference this Sat; Chicago and NYC later in May

15 Mar

Upcoming Tour Dates – American Way of Eating/Tracie McMillan

28 Feb

Nice meeting you @ JustFood!