Best feeling ever? Reviewers who “get” the point of your work! Here’s looking at you, @TomPhilpott for @OnEarthMag

Philpott’s smart enough to pull out the loose threads in my book (and there are many! he was kind!) but in addition to saying that my writing “sparkles,” he really got the whole point of the book:

In her important new book, The American Way of Eating, Tracie McMillan illuminates this murky yet vital sector of our economy. In her year of research, she embedded herself in the Big Food trenches and (to paraphrase Kafka) scribbled down what she saw among the ruins…

McMillan has committed a brave act of immersion reportage, applying to the food system the techniques of Barbara Ehrenreich’s classic 2001 chronicle of working-poor life, Nickel and DimedMcMillan brings to the topic one thing that Schlosser and Pollan didn’t: a hard-won sense of the U.S. class system, from the bottom looking up.

Thanks, Tom!

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