One-stop Rush&Me Shop: Complete Links

Wondering what all of Rush Limbaugh’s fuss about “single, white women, overeducated”  is about? Or who on earth calls published writers “authorette” and “babe”?

Yeah, me too.

To help folks get up to speed, I’ve compiled all of the links as they’ve come in — see below.

You can  take a look at the original text if you like and read on to see what people said about him saying that about me and my book.

A couple quick fact-checking bits I haven’t had time to sort out and send to editors/authors:

  • I’m 35 years old, so not “just out of college,” and arguably no longer a “young woman” (although I find it flattering that anyone would mistake me for being in my 20s);
  • I was born in Pontiac, not Flint (though both were GM towns)

Without further ado, the links:

Mar. 6: Rush says…

Contrivances of the Left’s Attack on Liberty:
The “War on Women” and “Food Justice”

How Alinskyites Create a Crisis

The Response…


—March 6—


Rush On Female Author: “What Is It With All Of These Young,
Single White Women? Overeducated Doesn’t Mean Intelligent

Here’s The Woman Rush Limbaugh Is Attacking Today;
‘Totally Bizarre,’ She Says

Limbaugh Takes On Tracie McMillan,
Author of “The American Way of Eating”

Rush Limbaugh Seriously Loses His Shit,
Randomly Attacks Another Young Woman

Rush Limbaugh: Tracie McMillan is a
Food Justice Slut

Another Rush Limbaugh gaffe? Holly writer stung
by radio host’s ‘authorette’ taunt

New comments from Rush Limbaugh about
Michigan author raise eyebrows

He’s moved on to another woman

—March 7—


Rush Limbaugh’s Latest Verbal Victim
Feels Derided, Dismissed

Female Journalist Attacked By Limbaugh Yesterday
Responds: He ‘Just Doesn’t Think Women Count’

14 thoughts on “One-stop Rush&Me Shop: Complete Links”

  1. Just finished your book, have nothing to say about Limbaugh, he’s an asshole, so why bother….

    But the book: nothing new, but really needs to be OUT THERE….we need to realize how connected we are with each other through the food we eat. We need to know how we contribute to the abuse and neglect of ourselves when we don’t think beyond the food we’re cramming into our own mouths….Cooking is truly what makes us human, maybe one of the most important things you said……It’s the proving ground for self-and-other-care…..I’m sorry such an awful thing happened to you when you left Applebee’s, I can’t help but wonder the message being delivered to you….. Mostly, I’m grateful I read the book, to be reminded of what I already know….that food connects us in the most visceral ways.

  2. What…I don’t…HOW is it possible for someone to be so blatantly sexist, racist, and degrading to the less fortunate, all at the same time, and think he’s being FUNNY? Or I don’t know, is he being serious? Which is scarier? Someone who’s seriously that bigoted, or someone who’s bigoted enough to think it’s ok to JOKE about these things? He is so delusional that I can’t even tell…

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