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Is there something wrong with the way we eat?

Metro • Feb. 27, 2012 According to the panel of experts at Housing Work’s “The Anti-Food Foodies,” a discussion organized to celebrate the publication of Tracie McMillan’s “The American Way of Eating,” that answer is yes. “The American Way of Eating” is a first person account of how food is grown, picked, and processed, and consumed … Read more

The American Way of Eating

New York Times bestseller Winner, Sidney Hillman Prize Winner, Books for a Better Life Finalist, James Beard Journalism Award* Finalist, Investigative Reporters and Editors Finalist, International Association of Culinary Professionals “The book Ms. McMillan’s most resembles is Barbara Ehrenreich’s bestseller Nickel and Dimed. Like Ms. Ehrenreich, Ms. McMillan goes undercover amid this country’s working poor…This is a voice the food world … Read more

Before the Food Arrives on Your Plate, So Much Goes on Behind the Scenes

The New York Times • Feb. 20, 2012 One of the first things to like about Tracie McMillan, the author of “The American Way of Eating,” is her forthrightness. She’s a blue-collar girl who grew up eating a lot of Tuna Helper and Ortega Taco Dinners because her mother was gravely ill for a decade, and … Read more

A Food-Chain Reaction

The Wall Street Journal • Feb. 28, 2012 In 2009, Tracie McMillan, an accomplished young writer, spent nearly a year working undercover as an agricultural field laborer in California, as a produce handler at a Michigan Wal-Mart and as a kitchen worker at a Brooklyn branch of Applebee’s, the country’s largest “family style” restaurant chain. The result … Read more

Publisher’s Weekly

Capital & Main, Striking Back: December 2023

Caltech’s Postdocs and Grad Workers Seek Union Recognition Jessica Goodheart, December 26, 2023Science graduate student assistants and researchers are at the forefront of recent unionization efforts in academia. How Amazon Workers Got a Raise Before a Union Christopher Salazar, December 22, 2023Two Christmas rushes ago, workers at this Amazon air cargo hub started to win … Read more

Capital & Main, Striking Back: November 2023

Is Affordable Housing a New Worker’s Right? Venessa Wong, November 21, 2023With housing costs out of reach, workers from Brooklyn to Minneapolis to Los Angeles are demanding solutions. Bay Area Hospice Workers Vote to Unionize Gabriel Thompson, November 3, 2023The Hospice East Bay vote shows growing unionization at end-of-life care.

Capital & Main, Striking Back: October 2023

As Hospices Privatize, Bay Area Workers Want a Union Gabriel Thompson, October 31, 2023They say “metrics for productivity” are driving care for the dying. Nov. 3 union vote marks growing labor organizing as end-of-life care becomes a for-profit industry. Why Is the Biden Administration Giving a Multibillion-Dollar Contract to a Low-Road Employer? Jesse Baum, October … Read more

Capital & Main, Striking Back: September 2023

Union-Busting With a Smile: Is Trader Joe’s the Next Starbucks? Gabriel Thompson, September 29, 2023The friendly grocer’s staff are increasingly going union — and say the company is hostile to their efforts.

Joining Capital & Main as Series Editor, Striking Back

How Workers Across a Polarized U.S. Are Challenging Economic Inequality This two-year series explores how American workers across political, geographic and racial lines are challenging an increasingly unequal economic status quo. Our reporters take readers inside some of the most innovative, high-stakes organizing campaigns in the country, from the Deep South to the industrial heartland to the urban … Read more

On Reports of Harassment from Edouardo Jordan

Twitter ThreadJune 14, 2021 Phenomenal reporting from @asiakmfields and @JackieVarriano on Edouardo Jordan in Seattle: “Edouardo Jordan, acclaimed Seattle chef, accused by 15 women of sexual misconduct or unwanted touching.” Full disclosure: In 2019, I reported a Food & Wine story about “great restaurants to work for.” We included @JuneBabySeattle. This was not an investigative … Read more

Without Compromise: The Brave Journalism Journalism That First Exposed Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the American Epidemic of Corruption

A collection of groundbreaking investigations by Wayne Barrett, the intrepid, muckraking Village Voice journalist who exposed corruption in New York City and beyond. With piercing moral clarity and exacting rigor, Wayne Barrett tracked political corruption in the pages of the Village Voice fact by fact, document by document for 40 years. The first to report … Read more

RSF Announces 2020-2021 Visiting Journalists

June 15, 2020 The Russell Sage Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of four visiting journalists for the 2020-2021 academic year: Clara Hemphill, Tracie McMillan, Melissa Segura, and Mosi Secret. Their journalistic work on a range of urgent issues in American life, including school segregation, as well as racism in social safety net policies and in the criminal … Read more

Maximus Inc.’s Safety Net Contracts

Type InvestigationsFebruary 21, 2020 Type Investigations and Mother Jones have compiled the most comprehensive database of the company’s contracts for public benefits to date.

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