Series: Getting By

Winner, 2006 James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism

Finalist, 2006 Livingston Award for Young Journalists

By Tracie McMillan

The Young and the Jobless

New York’s newest growth industry is a generation of young adults who are not in school and not employed. Most aren’t even looking for work. A changing economy is partly to blame–but so is government’s disinvestment in job training.

Ending Workfare as We Know It?

With 400,000 still on the rolls, New York City is taking a new approach to welfare reform’s second round. Could a gentler touch really put more of the city’s poor to work?

The New Safety Net?

Today, most antipoverty efforts are aimed at boosting low wages, not offering a check. For many families struggling to make a living, it’s still a high-wire act with many dangers.

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