Capital & Main: Maximus Federal Contract Re-Application, Occidental College Undergrad Workers

Occidental College Undergrad Workers Go Union Larry Buhl, June 21, 2024Vote adds to growing unionization among U.S. undergraduate workers. After Multiple Strikes, the Biden Administration Forces an Employer to Apply Again for Its Multibillion Dollar Contract Jesse Baum, June 11, 2024A new contract that requires “labor harmony” could be a model to empower millions who … Read more

The White Bonus mentioned in William Darity Jr.’s review of The Sum of Us for the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy

Read the full review here. “On the other hand, McMillan (2024) documents the mon-etary value of whiteness in direct fashion in her new book The White Bonus: 1. Housing equity benefits from residen-tial segregation and discriminatory exclusion of blacks, 2. Employment discrimination boost for white wages, 3. Sub-stantial disproportionate white student access to gifted and … Read more

What’s the cash value of being white? / NPR Morning Edition with Michel Martin

Morning Edition, NPR • Michel Martin NPR’s Michel Martin speaks with author Tracie McMillan, whose journalistic memoir — The White Bonus — examines the cash value of institutional racism in the United States. Listen here:

Capital & Main: Unionizing the Slopes, Undergrad Labor at Occidental College

At Occidental College, Upcoming Vote Reflects Rise in Undergraduate Labor Organizing Bobbi Murray, April 26, 2024The organizing effort at the private liberal arts campus is part of a broader “societal shift” in favor of labor unions. Organizing the Slopes Robert Davis, April 12, 2024As resort owners rake in record profits, organizers are trying to unionize ski patrollers … Read more

Gifted and Talented Programs Benefit White Students Disproportionately / Teen Vogue

“Gifted” programs funnel money towards a disproportionate share of white students, Tracie McMillan explains in her new book. By Tracie McMillan, Teen Vogue I still remember the the first time I heard about “gifted” kids. I was fifteen, and taking part in a summer program for “gifted” Michigan high school students. Most of my classmates … Read more

Culture Canvas: Calculating ‘The White Bonus’ / Bridge Detroit

Micah Walker, Bridge Detroit Hey, readers! Welcome back to Culture Canvas.  Detroit’s biggest event of the year, the NFL Draft, is only two days away. Whether you’re a diehard football fan, or someone who doesn’t care about sports, like myself, both groups will surely pack downtown for the three-day event. Below, I have a list … Read more

Jane Smiley! Judi Dench! Amy Tan on birding! 24 new books out today / Literary Hub

By Gabrielle Bellot, Literary Hub Ah, another Tuesday in April, a month (apparently) of earthquakes and eclipses, thunderstorms and thunderous yells about filing taxes. (Or was that just me?) Whatever the month in 2024 may mean to you, this particular Tuesday signifies something special: a host of new books to check out. You’ll find novel work from … Read more

NYC author Tracie McMillan calculates exactly how much white privilege and racism has benefited her financially / Daily Mail

Read original source. By MITCHELL GOODBAR FOR DAILYMAIL.COM A Brooklyn-based journalist calculated exactly how much racism and white privilege has financially benefited her down to the last cent – coming in at a whopping $371,000.  In her new book, ‘The White Bonus: Five Families and the Cash Value of Racism,’ author Tracie McMillan claims that being … Read more

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