I’m blushing: Nice shout-out from The American Prospect


I got a nice surprise this morning when a friend forwarded me The American Prospect’s Labor Day email highlighting their most important labor pieces from the last year. More to the point (for my purposes here, anyway) was the way they sold it:

The collection includes Tracie McMillan’s James Beard Award-winning “As Common As Dirt” and Harold Meyerson’s acclaimed piece “If Labor Dies, What’s Next?”, as well as others.

Seeing as I’m working all holiday on another piece, it’s a nice reprieve from the voice that — often, and irritatingly — starts to crop up when I’m neck-deep in the first draft, the one that says, “this is too hard; you should just give up; nobody’s listening anyway.” I’m glad I didn’t listen when I was working on “As Common As Dirt,” and it helps me remember to keep plugging away.

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