@ChickensintheRd is my hero! http://ow.ly/8d9IB

All my life, I’ve been looking for this: A smart, easy take on how to make Hamburger Helper from Scratch. In fact, I did a quick experiment for the book showing that it was cheaper to make Hamburger Helper from scratch—and just as easy. (Formal stats: 43 percent cheaper, 1 minute longer.)  But that was a quick, one-off thing. I have had plans for months to do a formal recipe.

I still might, but this amazing post from Suzanne McMinn—a blogger I just found—means I don’t have to. Not only is she making all the smart arguments about HH, she’s gone and done the work of coming up with TEN from-scratch versions mimicking the boxes. I’m officially impressed.

And eager, I confess, to take on the next Helper Challenge: Homemade Tuna Helper.

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