my thoughts EXACTLY re: why “foodie” sucks, from @sustnblekitchen via @gadling, with a nod to @eater & @cborrelli

The newsperson in me hates that these writers are deconstructing the term “foodie,” and all that is wrong with it. (Me first! My story!) But the rest of me is so happy to see a broad cohort of food blogging folks take it on. Most notably, this morning on Gadling, Seattle-based Lauren Miller takes on “the F-Bomb” and succinctly notes:

Um, please get over yourself….at the end of the day, it’s just effing food. Not the cure for cancer or achieving world peace.

Even better, she helped me catch up on my lack-of-media-consumption during the last three  years of book-imposed news blackout by flagging this great little piece from  Noting the irony of a food blogger hating foodies—Chicago Tribune food blogger Christopher Borrelli, to be specific—they pulled a trenchant observation from a piece he wrote on the subject last December, referencing Michael Pollan’s New  York Times Magazine feature on cooking a communal meal over the course of two days:

Pollan is a terrific writer and thinker, but, as with the food scene itself, a lack of self-awareness and privilege creeps in that veers toward self-parody.

I am so looking forward to seeing this discussion continue.

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