Reason #9: @JoshViertel of @SlowFoodUSA said my book is extraordinary; written with grace, intelligence and soul. (He liked it.)

REASON #9 to buy The American Way of Eating comes from Josh Viertel, president of Slow Food USA:

“Tracie McMillan has written an extraordinary book.
We are of course, all a part of the industrial food system because we all eat
from it. But McMillan became a deeper part. Undercover, as a farm laborer, Walmart stocker and fast food worker, with grace, intelligence and soul, she uncovers
the stories behind cheap food—stories about health and the environment, and stories about poverty and privilege. They are stories we need to change.”

Josh Viertel, President, Slow Food USA

The book goes on sale Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Please buy it.

And if you are in New York, come celebrate with me at Housing Works to talk about “The Anti-Foodie Foodies” with Amanda Hesser, James Oseland, Annia Ciezadlo and Rev. Devanie Jackson, moderated by the lovely Erica Wides.

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