The White Bonus mentioned in William Darity Jr.’s review of The Sum of Us for the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy

Read the full review here.

“On the other hand, McMillan (2024) documents the mon-etary value of whiteness in direct fashion in her new book The White Bonus: 1. Housing equity benefits from residen-tial segregation and discriminatory exclusion of blacks, 2. Employment discrimination boost for white wages, 3. Sub-stantial disproportionate white student access to gifted and talented quality education, 4. Financial benefits for whites from softer treatment by the criminal legal system, and 5. Wealth accumulation advantages for whites of the racialized process of gentrification.While, like McGhee, McMillan contends that racism shreds the social welfare system, thereby harming whites, her analysis, on net, gives whites, unambiguously, significant net benefits from racism. Moreover, as I have demonstrated above, mechanisms continuously have been designed to pre-serve white access to the social safety net while blacks are left out.”

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