This is a delightful surprise: #AWE is nominated for @Goodreads Readers’ Choice Awards! (VOTE by Nov 10!)

Forgive the delay in my informing you of this, but:

The American Way of Eating, along with some impressive works like Will Allen and Charles Wilson’s Good Food Revolution, has been nominated for a Goodreads Reader’s Choice Award. So: GO VOTE!

This is a real honor: Nominees are selected based on reader metrics, so that means a lot of people actually liked and/or read the book.

As a lesser-known, first-time author, winning this award would do a lot for me professionally — a good nudge to publishers, for instance, that I”m worth contracting with for a second book — so please: CAST YOUR VOTE ASAP (you get three!).  Voting ends next week, so do it now before you forget!

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