Without Compromise: The Brave Journalism Journalism That First Exposed Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and the American Epidemic of Corruption

Hachette • Sept. 2020 • Edited by Eileen Markey

A collection of groundbreaking investigations by Wayne Barrett, the intrepid, muckraking Village Voice journalist who exposed corruption in New York City and beyond.

With piercing moral clarity and exacting rigor, Wayne Barrett tracked political corruption in the pages of the Village Voice fact by fact, document by document for 40 years. The first to report on the scams and crooked deals that fueled the rise of Donald Trump in 1979, Barrett went on to expose the shady dealings of small-time slum lords and powerful New York City politicians alike, from Ed Koch to Rudy Giuliani to Michael Bloomberg.

Without Compromise is the first anthology of Barrett’s investigative work, accompanied by essays from colleagues and those he trained. In an age of lies, fog, and propaganda, when the profession of journalism is degraded by the White House and the industry is under financial threat, Barrett reminds us that facts, when clearly accumulated, are our best defense of democracy.

Featuring essays by:

  • Joe Conason
  • Kim Phillips-Fein
  • Errol Louis
  • Gerson Borrero
  • Tom Robbins
  • Tracie McMillan
  • Peter Noel
  • Adam Fifield
  • Jarrett Murphy
  • Andrea Bernstein
  • Jennifer Gonnerman
  • Mac Barrett

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