Perspectives by Fenton and TedMed: The Obesity Crisis: Fake Food vs. Real Food

TedMed • Sept. 21, 2012

In a new video series co-produced by TEDMED and Fenton Studios, and filmed at TEDMED 2012, Tracie McMillan, author of “The American Way of Eating” and David Ludwig of Boston Children’s Hospital sat down with Lisa Witter to discuss the issue.

TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. Learn more about TEDMED here.

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Tracie McMillan & Evan Kleiman discuss The American Way of Eating

Zócalo Public Square • April 19, 2012

Zócalo Public Square is a not-for-profit daily Ideas Exchange that blends live events and humanities journalism. Zócalo, a project of the Center for Social Cohesion at Arizona State University and the New America Foundation, is based in Los Angeles and Phoenix, and roams across the country.

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Tracie on The Rachel Maddow Show

MSNBC • March 8, 2012 Rachel Maddow interviews Tracie McMillan about Rush Limbaugh’s attack on The American Way of Eating. Learn more about The Rachel Maddow Show clip here.  

Book Discussion on The American Way of Eating at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

C-SPAN • Feb. 21, 2012

Tracie McMillan reports on America’s food industry, from how the country’s food is grown and produced to what is being eaten and how wages and cost affect our level of nutrition. Ms. McMillan spent 2009 working throughout the system, from an industrial farm in California and a produce section at a Walmart near Detroit to a chain restaurant kitchen in Brooklyn.

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