#AWE on NPR this afternoon with @MktplaceRadio and Kai Ryssdal! Local airtimes here http://ow.ly/9cjVO

Check out my interview with the incomparable Kai Ryssdal at Marketplace from American Public Media on NPR this afternoon!

Fair warning: I may sound nervous and if so, I ask you consider that it is entirely disorienting to talk TO a voice that has only ever talked AT you for your entire adult life.

I suspect it will sound like this:

Kai Ryssdal  (in a nice, soothing voice): Asks smart, even, clear question. Something about how personal the book is. How nice it is. How interesting it is. What can I say about that, he asks.

Me: (1) thinking: Yes, good question. What is she going to say? (2) Rapid realization that SHE is actually me. (3) Fumbles question amiably!

Either way: Have a listen this afternoon! Local air times listed here.

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