Eat Your Words – Episode 98 – Heritage Radio Network


Heritage Radio Network • Feb. 20, 2012

This week on Let’s Eat In takes a hard look at elitism in our American food system. Host Cathy Erway is joined by investigative journalist Tracie McMillan who has just written The American Way of Eating, an expose of the myths that surround the working class and their food ways. Tune in and find out how by “descending the class ladder a few rungs” and working for over a year at different minimum wage jobs– from the night shift at Wal*Mart to field work to the kitchens of Applebees– McMillan has found that these ingrained food ideas are complete delusions and what you can do get more access to healthy food in your neighborhood. This episode is sponsored by Cain Vineyard and Winery.

“This idea that the only kind of authentic working class food experience is fast food, I think that is something only an elitist would come up with.”

“One thing that really defines species is their food sources and one thing that really defines human evolution was reducing the amount of time dedicated to foraging and actually eating. . .humans have always been trying to economize on the time and energy we spend on getting food cause it frees up for all the other stuff we do and creating culture and I don’t know that we should really chastise people for continuing that.”

“Right now the American food supply contains about half the fruit and vegetables it would take for Americans to meet the recommended daily allowances, we clearly haven’t made a priority in terms of our agriculture to foster a healthy diet . . I’m into the idea that we should subsidize demand because it creates a more sustainable long term fix.”

–Tracie McMillan on Let’s Eat In

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