having a blast talking with @BrianLehrerTV @talkradiolive @CJADONair and more!

I’ve had a lot of fun the last few days doing different radio and TV appearances, so just a formal shout out here to:

  • Michael Finney, who does a consumer affairs show here in San Francisco for KGO 810 had me on over St. Patty’s Day to talk about The American Way of Eating
  • Kim Fraser, a radio host in Montreal, chatted with me about The American Way of Eating for her listeners on CJAD 800 Sunday, March 18
  • Karel on San Francisco AM 880, who offered up a few conspiracy theories that hadn’t occurred to me about our food during our talk on Sunday March 18
  • This afternoon I taped a segment with Brian Lehrer for his great show on CUNY TV, talking about The American Way of Eating and Walmart’s move toward NYC. The show airs on channel 75 at various times throughout the week;
  • I also had a delightful conversation with the hosts at AM 1140 KSOO in Sioux Falls, South Dakota this afternoon for their local show, Viewpoint University. It marked the first time anyone has changed the subtitle to reflect the deepest-fried traditions in Midwestern cuisine, and I found it entirely charming. Hosts Ruth and Rick were wonderful to talk to, and I gotta say: Rick Knobe appears to be a man after my own heart. He said something (paraphrasing here) like: You know what I would like? If, instead of the National Enquirer and 2-for-$1 giant candy bars, they sold little cups of grapes to munch on for 25 cents. Wouldn’t that be great? To which I say: Yes it would!

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