Hunger in the suburbs

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By Marty Moss-Coane

“Radio Times,” WHYY – Philadelphia • July 16, 2014

Perhaps the most devastating aspect of living in poverty is being “food insecure,” a term devised by the government to describe those who are not always certain that they will have access to food.  15 percent of Americans are food insecure, and in Pennsylvania, that number is 12.5 percent, according to statistics from the Pennsylvania Hunger Action Center.  And the face of hunger is changing, with seemingly comfortable, suburban families needing to visit donation-based food pantry’s in order to make ends meet.  Today, we look at hunger in the suburbs with TRACIE McMILLAN, author of the recently published National Geographic article, “The New Face of Hunger” as part of their “Future of Food” series.  We’ll also speak with ANNE McMANUS, director of the 2nd Harvest Food Bank, which provides food to pantries across the Lehigh Valley.  And, we’ll hear from SANDY KNIGHT, coordinator of the Seeds of Hope Community Food Pantry at Chelten Baptist Church in Dresher, Pennsylvania in Montgomery County.


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