The New Face of Hunger (coverage)


By Charity Nebbe and Dennis Reese

“Talk of Iowa,” Iowa Public Radio • July 31, 2014

The irony is poignant that hunger exists in a state with the nation’s richest soil and the nation’s number-one ranking in corn and soybean production.   But despite the bounty around them, many Iowans experience what is now called “food insecurity.”   In simpler terms, they can’t find the means to feed themselves or their family, despite many having full-time jobs. 

Journalist Tracie McMillan, author of the highly-regarded 2012 book, “The American Way of Eating,” writes about this tragedy in the August issue of “National Geographic.”  McMillan  focuses on Iowa first in her story with the stories of two families in Osage who continually struggle to keep food on the table.

This hour, Charity speaks with McMillan and the mother of one of the Osage families, Christina Dreier.  Also on the program is Barbara Prather, Ex. Director of the Northeast Iowa Food Bank in Waterloo, which has Mitchell County is their service area.

Listen to the hour-long interview with McMillan and several subjects from the piece here.


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