Shift Shapers: Tracie McMillan-American Way of Eating & Our Food Supply


Interview by Daniel Kerbein

Shift Shapers • April 9, 2012

From the food deserts that are America’s cities, to the hot dust devils of Central Valley farms, to the bright shining rows of plastic-shrouded vegetables at WalMart, Tracie McMillan knows something aboout America’s food supply. She knows about it, because she’s worked it – earning minimum wage, and less.

In this 40-minute interview, ShiftShapers co-host Daniel Kerbein talks to Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating – Under Cover at WalMart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table.

Want an inside look at what is happening to our food supply, or what a farm worker has to do to make minimum wage? Tracie McMillan gives us a big picture view of the situation, and backs it up with research done while living inside the belly of the American food chain.

This is a nutritionally dense book, complete with a section of detailed notes, a bibliography, and even a budget that Ms. McMillan set for herself to make ends meet while earning minimum and sub-minimum wage.

Between the pages, this socially-minded journalist brings us stories of immigrant farm workers and other hard- working, poorly paid people on whom we depend for our food every day.

Some listeners may recall that Ms. McMillan and her book became famous when right-wing insult jock Rush Limbaugh berated her on the air and warned listeners that the author is “another single, over-educated woman” out to make us “lose our freedom”. In a scenario that has become emblematic of Rush Limbaugh’s reverse mojo, his victim – and her book — earned a new level of credibility and interest after the lambasting. A heated schedule of national interviews followed, (including Rachel Maddow, HuffPost, NPR, etc.)

Through it all, Ms. McMillan was gracious and found some time for an interview with ShiftShapers.

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