Tracie McMillan on ‘The American Way of Eating’


By Marty Moss-Coane

Radio Times • March 27, 2012

In 2009, investigative journalist TRACIE McMILLAN worked undercover alongside farm laborers in California’s Salinas Valley, expedited meals at Applebee’s, and stocked the grocery shelves at Walmart — all in an effort to understand the American food system how the working poor eat.  She turned her on-the-job research into a new book, The American Way of Eating, in which she makes the case that everyone, regardless of their income, wants to eat well and that as a nation we must question our priorities when it comes to assuring that people of all income levels have access to affordable, healthy food.  Earlier this month McMillan found herself and her book in the midst of another controversy surrounding conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.  Several weeks after making his offensive remarks about Georgetown student Sandra Fluke, Limbaugh went after McMillan when he said on air, “What is with all these single white women? Over-educated — doesn’t mean intelligent.”  Author Tracie McMillan joins us in this hour of Radio Times to talk about our food system, what it will take to get all Americans to eat a healthier diet, and how her book became the focus of Rush Limbaugh’s fury.

Listen to the entire interview here

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