@WSJ posts a thoughtful, intelligent and rigorously critical review of #AWE. THANK YOU. http://ow.ly/9kdKu

Absolutely worth reading this Wall Street Journal review from Aram Bakashian. He enjoyed the book but finds most of the research specious. Basically:

As long as Ms. McMillan concentrates on what she actually saw and did, she has an interesting story to tell and she tells it well…But she does have an unfortunate weakness for ill-digested statistics.

I think this is awesome, by the way. An intelligent human enjoyed the book, but finds the political and structural analysis wanting? Go ahead: Challenge me on specific points, outline the argument and let’s have it out. That’s part of how democracy and debate works, and I’m eager to participate. So: Big ups to Mr. Bakashian!

In the meantime, enjoy a good interrogation of my work here.

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