Books We Love: The American Way of Eating


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Lucy’s Ravioli Kitchen and Market • Sept. 11, 2012

We recently read and loved Tracie McMillan’s ‘The American Way of Eating.’  The New York Times reviewed it back in February, offering some insight into the brilliance of the book – we thought we’d share!

Author Tracie McMillan went undercover in the farm fields in California, harvesting garlic amongst the field workers.  The garlic was being grown for Wal-Mart, the largest grocery in the world, and also the company that dominates the market prices.  She shares her experiences in the fields – backbreaking work, filthy living conditions, and pay well below minimum wage.

She then takes a job in the kitchen at Applebee’s, and in the produce department at Wal-Mart.  She experiences the living and working conditions that many of America’s field and foodservice workers endure, and she pushes herself to the limit (and beyond) in the process.  What she finds is that there are many, many restrictions – time or monetary – that prevent most workers from eating well.

After reading this engaging book, you’ll begin to realize how the many interwoven aspects of American’s lives work to perpetuate our less-than-healthy society.  Tracie McMillan provides us with a strong argument as to why changing the food on our plates involves changing so much more.

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