Review of “The American Way of Eating” by Tracie McMillan


By Novel Memoir

Novel Memoir • July 3, 2012

My non-fiction stint continues with a book about my passion. Okay, my passion isn’t quite learning about the American way of eating. But I do love cooking, baking, and growing food. I like to learn about the importance of the foods and how it effects us as simplistic human beings.

Tracie McMillian spent a year working in the fields in California, working in a supermarket (Walmart–who by the way is responsible for about a quarter of our food sales in the grocery department, doesn’t that gross you out!), and working in a restaurant (Applebee’s) where Americans from many different income brackets and ethnicities have visited.

This wasn’t an easy read, by any means; however, it was a very informative read that I would recommend to most anyone. It did inspire me to pursue my passion of food and preparing it as more than something I need to do simply to refuel. I want to know where my food is coming from and that it is of a good quality. I was disgusted by how greens were treated in a place that handles a fourth of our groceries. I can say that I will not be buying my groceries at Walmart if I can help it AT ALL. Nor, do I think I’ll be eating at an Applebee’s anytime soon…

This book and report by McMillan was a great, albeit gross, insight to the world of food. Highly recommended to anyone who eats.

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