Total honor: I’m one of Eater’s 72 Ways Food Can Change the World

Sept. 21, 2014 I not only enjoyed writing a quick piece for the delightful Eater website about what inspires my work, and why I think food can change the world, but am honored to be among 71 (!) other food world names, most of whom are way plenty more accomplished than me. You can read the whole … Read more

72 Ways that Food Can Change the World: Tracie McMillan • Sept. 21, 2014

Writing about food is the only way I’ve found to get Americans to talk about class without being jerks. That’s my meta-objective: to foster cross-class understanding so we can fix problems like poverty and education. That’s a high bar, though. I’d settle for seeing fresh, healthy food be as cheap and accessible as junk food is today.

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