When Did Healthy Food Become a Luxury Product?

Take Part • March 15, 2013

Tracie McMillan remembers the day well. She was working in the fresh produce section of a Walmart near Detroit. Part of her job was to rotate foods to keep the produce fresh. But it was a challenge. Her 20-year-old manager, who had transferred to produce from the electronics department, had no training in managing fruits and vegetables. And one of the store’s produce coolers had a leak, throwing humidity levels off and causing food to rot easily.

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How One Vital Food Program Propelled These 17 People to Success

Take Part • Feb. 20, 2013

Tracie McMillan, 2013 Knight-Wallace Fellow and author of The American Way of Eating

“Food stamps gave me hope: That I was going to get through that rough patch; that it was, in fact, a rough patch and not the ret of my life; that even if I was ashamed to ask for help, at least someone -even the government-could provide when I did. In a way, food stamps are like Kick-starter for poor people; they provide proof that you, and your health are worth something. Healthy food was the most important thing I got from SNAP, but the validation was a close second.”

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