Letter: Walmart: How cheap is cheap?

Wicked Local Watertown • May 19, 2012

You have likely heard many arguments against a Wal-Mart moving into Watertown – its effect on traffic, crime, property values and the flavor of our neighborhoods. And perhaps you’ve read about how Wal-Mart won’t really net Watertown much revenue – far less than originally imagined – and may even cost us money in the long run by boarding up local businesses and making our town less inviting for new investors and homeowners. Continue reading “Letter: Walmart: How cheap is cheap?”

Walmart pulls out of Somerville and Watertown sites

Wicked Local Watertown • May 19, 2012

WATERTOWN – Walmart is suspending its push to build a superstore in Watertown and its plans to build a grocery store at the old Circuit City site at Assembly Square in Somerville.

“One of the primary deciding factors on any given site – whether it’s in an urban, suburban or rural market – is that it makes sense from a business perspective and contributes to our bottom line,” Walmart spokesman Steven Restivo said in an interview Friday. “In the case of the Somerville and Watertown sites, we made a business decision that the projected cost of investment would exceed our expected return.” Continue reading “Walmart pulls out of Somerville and Watertown sites”