love this review from @clevelanddotcom (Plain Dealer!)

What I find most humbling about the positive reviews coming in is that there is broad disagreement about the BEST PARTS! Cleveland Plain Dealer says of the farm labor section: These are the books’ best chapters, contrasting the warmth and camaraderie of the workers with their harsh economic reality and often unfair treatment at the … Read more

Why take food seriously? I chat with @KirkusReviews Karen Calabria about #AWE

I”m going to work on speaking a little more clearly when I”m being recorded, but I had such good time talking with Kirkus Review’s Karen Calabria — and I can’t help but blush at her introduction: McMillan paints a searing portrait of the way we regard and consume food in America and makes a winning … Read more

Book Discussion on The American Way of Eating at the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

C-SPAN • Feb. 21, 2012

Tracie McMillan reports on America’s food industry, from how the country’s food is grown and produced to what is being eaten and how wages and cost affect our level of nutrition. Ms. McMillan spent 2009 working throughout the system, from an industrial farm in California and a produce section at a Walmart near Detroit to a chain restaurant kitchen in Brooklyn.

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