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All Things Considered Yummy! • Dec. 19, 2012

I’m currently reading The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields, and the Dinner Table by Tracie McMillan. I love food; I love learning about it, growing it, cooking it, experiencing it with friends and family at new restaurants, canning it… you get the idea. My love of food is something simple, something natural, a love that has been around forever.

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The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan

Joplin Public Library • Sept. 26, 2012

In the The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table a journalist, Tracie McMillan, takes a year to work in various parts of the food industry. She works 2 month at each job, lives off the wages she earns and with the people with which she works.

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The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan

San Francisco Professional Food Society • Sept. 10, 2012

From field to plate is the subject of The American Way of Eating by Tracie McMillan, a groundbreaking book enthusiastically endorsed by all who attended the SFPFS book club meeting on August 2.

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The American Way of Eating Book Review

Fitness and Frozen Grapes • Aug. 29, 2012

Have you ever discovered a great book when you weren’t looking?  I have my mom to thank for this review—if she hadn’t picked it up from the library, it would’ve taken me much longer to find Tracie McMillan’s The American Way of Eating.

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Serious Reads: The American Way of Eating, by Tracie McMillan • Aug. 5, 2012

It’s common knowledge that our food industry is dependent upon the cheap labor of scores of workers in all kinds of service jobs. But the stories of these workers are often untold. Even in a time when talk about food—what to eat, how to eat it, and where to get the best stuff—is pervasive in all forms of media, undocumented, underpaid workers are left out of the conversation.

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Review of “The American Way of Eating” by Tracie McMillan

Novel Memoir • July 3, 2012

My non-fiction stint continues with a book about my passion. Okay, my passion isn’t quite learning about the American way of eating. But I do love cooking, baking, and growing food. I like to learn about the importance of the foods and how it effects us as simplistic human beings.

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The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table

Digging Deep • June 27, 2012

In a nutshell: informational, engaging, and enlightening – 5 out of 5 shovels

Several months ago, I kept seeing blurbs and reviews about the latest piece of food journalism to hit the shelves. Tracie McMillian’s book made quite a splash for its humble approach and complexly recriminating analysis of the American food system (even getting the attention of Rush Limbaugh, who called her “overeducated” and derided the critique of a corporate-controlled food system implicit in the section about working in a Walmart produce department).

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Foodie Book Review: American Way of Eating

The 3 Bite Rule • June 15, 2012

Do you need a beach book? Grab this book for a whole different side of food! I saw this book somewhere and was instantly interested. The author Tracie McMillan goes “Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table.” Check out her website for more info.

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Looking For a Happier Meal: Two Worthy Books on Food Workers

Righting Food • June 6, 2012

How much do we actually know about the people responsible for growing our food? Workers in the food system are often invisible to food consumers, toiling in obscurity for low wages and little respect. They occasionally rise to the level of consumer consciousness, for example with fair-trade-certified goods, though even then the focus is more on small farmers than on waged workers. Food workers also appear from time to time in prominent union campaigns or in news articles exposing bad practices in specific areas.

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